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My professional career was devoted to computers.  I started taking pictures to focus on something other than this demanding subject.  Pictures of my children were followed by travel and travel photography.  Luckily, my employers paid for most of the travel.  I started with film and changed to digital photography when I realized that I could share the photographs quickly with little environmental impact and minimal cost, and the colors were great even in low light situations.  I first started using digital cameras in 1999.  Distribution was so easy.  Storage requirements were minimal.  Fading did not occur.  2 megapixel cameras had just become available at a reasonable price.  Since then I have used several different models.  The pictures on this site were taken with one of the cameras in the list below (and some others that I have forgotten).  Film images have been converted to digital format with several scanners, also listed below.  All that I can say about this process is that it is very slow and tedious.  Most of my work with film work was done using Kodak Kodachrome.  Those images have kept their colors even after 40 years.  At this point I have stopped dreaming about a camera with more pixels.  The D7100 has more than enough for my purposes.  Because of the range of cameras used, the aspect ratios of my pictures varies greatly.


  1. Nikon F2
  2. Mamiya 645
  3. Mamiya 7
  4. Nikon F5
  5. Nikon 990
  6. Fuji S1 Pro
  7. Nikon 5700
  8. Nikon D70
  9. Nikon 8800
  10. Nikon D200
  11. Nikon D300
  12. Nikon D7100


  1. Nikon LS-2000
  2. Epson Perfection V500
  3. OpticFilm 7500i
  4. HP Officejet J6480(for old family black and white pictures)

For software tools I use Adobe products (currently CS6) to manipulate my photographs and multimedia offerings.  I also use Photodex for slide show productions.  It is quick and easy to use, I have been using it for a long time.  Development of the web site has been facilitated by the use of Microsoft Expression Web 4.  The site is written in HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP and uses MySQL as a data base engine.  My site is currently implemented using the services of IPOWER.  I have been using them since 2005.

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