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The institution was founded as the Naval School in 1845 by Secretary of the Navy George Bancroft.  The campus was established at Annapolis on the grounds of the former U.S. Army post Fort Severn.  The school opened on 10 October with 50 midshipmen students and seven professors.  The decision to establish an academy on land may have been in part a result of the Somers Affair, an alleged mutiny involving the Secretary of War's son that resulted in his execution at sea.  Commodore Matthew Perry had a considerable interest in naval education, supporting an apprentice system to train new seamen, and helped establish the curriculum for the United States Naval Academy.  He was also a vocal proponent of modernization of the navy.  Originally a course of study for five years was prescribed.  Only the first and last were spent at the school with the other three being passed at sea.  The present name was adopted when the school was reorganized in 1850 and placed under the supervision of the chief of the Bureau of Ordnance and Hydrography.  Under the immediate charge of the superintendent, the course of study was extended to seven years with the first two and the last two to be spent at the school and the intervening three years at sea.  The four years of study were made consecutive in 1851 and practice cruises were substituted for the three consecutive years at sea.  The first class of naval academy students graduated on 10 June 1854.

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