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Carlesbad Caverns National Park

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Petrified Forest 
 Petrified Forest 
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From a young age, Jim White explored the cavern with his homemade wire ladder.  When he grew older, most people did not seem to believe such caves existed.  He gave many of the rooms their names, including the Big Room, New Mexico Room, Kings Palace, Queens Chamber, Papoose Room, and Green Lake Room.  He also named many of the cave's more prominent formations, such as the Totem Pole, Witch's Finger, Giant Dome, Bottomless Pit, Fairyland, Iceberg Rock, Temple of the Sun, and Rock of Ages.  The town of Carlsbad, which lends its name to the Cavern and National Park, is in turn named after the Czech town formerly known by the German name Karlsbad (English spelling Carlsbad) and now known by the Czech name Karlovy Vary, both of which mean "Charles' Bath[s]."  Until 1932, visitors to the cavern had to walk down a switch back ramp-sidewalk that took them 750 feet below the surface.  The walk back up was tiring for a lot of visitors.  In 1932 the National Park opened up a large visitor center building that contained two elevators that would take visitors to the caverns below.  The new center included a cafeteria, waiting room, museum and first aid area.  It is a good idea to walk down and ride up as we did in 1982.  My camera was not up to the job of taking pictures inside of the caverns.

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