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Wall Drug Store made its first step towards fame when it was purchased by Ted Hustead in 1931.  Hustead was a Nebraska native and pharmacist who was looking for a small town with a Catholic church in which to establish his business.  He bought Wall Drug, located in a 231-person town in what he referred to as "the middle of nowhere," and strove to make a living.  Business was very slow until his wife, Dorothy, got the idea to advertise free ice water to parched travelers heading to the newly-opened Mount Rushmore monument 60 miles (97 km) to the west.  From that time on business was brisk. Wall Drug grew into a cowboy-themed shopping mall/department store.  Wall Drug includes a western art museum, a chapel based on the one found at New Melleray Abbey near Dubuque, Iowa, and an 80-foot (24 m) Apatosaurus that can be seen right off Interstate 90.  It was designed by Emmet Sullivan who also created the dinosaurs at Dinosaur Park and Dinosaur World.  One see advertising at least 300 miles toward the east.

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