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Nottoway Plantation

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Nottoway Plantation, is located in White Castle, Louisiana.  This home was completed in 1859 for the John Hampden Randolph family.  It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.  John was born in Virginia on March 24, 1813, and married his wife Emily Jane Liddell on December 14, 1837.  They had eleven children, including Cornelia who would later become famous for writing her diary “The White Castle of Louisiana”.  Women were not allowed to publish books during this time so Cornelia used M.R. Ailenroc (which is her first name spelled backwards and her maiden and married initials) as her publishing name.  Mr. Randolph devoted most of his time to the plantation and managing the slaves.  The historic plantation home survived the American Civil War with only a single grapeshot to the far left column.  Nottoway originally sat on 400 acres (1.6 km2) of highland, and 620 acres (2.5 km2) of swamp.  Nottoway was completely surrounded by sugarcane fields, and oak trees.  John Randolph began to compile the materials for his castle in 1855.  Cypress grown at Forest Home was cut and cured under water for four years.  The cypress, then cut into planks and dried, was called virgin cypress.  Perhaps its most notable feature was not its durability, but its resistance to termites.  Meanwhile, handmade bricks were baked in kilns by the slaves, and the renowned architect Henry Howard of New Orleans was charged with the task of designing the grand mansion.

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