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To Abusir
Pyramids of Sahure and Nyuserre and Mastaba of Ptahshepses
Sahure and Nyuserre
Pyramid of Nyuserre and Mastaba of Ptahshepses
Pyramid of Nyuserre
Pyramid of Nyuserre and Mastaba of Ptshshepses
Pyramid of Nyuserre
Pyramid of Sahure
Pyramid of Sahure


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Abu Simbel 
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This site was closed when I was there.  All of the photographs were taken from the gate.

Abusir is one relatively small segment of the extensive "pyramid field" that extends from north of Giza to below Saqqara, the locality of Abusir took its turn as the focus of the prestigious western burial rites operating out of the then-capital of Memphis during the Old Kingdom 5th Dynasty.  As an elite cemetery, neighboring Giza had by then "filled up" with the massive pyramids and other monuments of the 4th Dynasty, leading the 5th Dynasty pharaohs to seek sites elsewhere for their own funerary monuments.  Abusir was the origin of the largest find of Old Kingdom papyri to date — the Abusir Papyri.  In the late nineteenth century, a number of Western museums acquired collections of fragmentary papyri from the administrative (temple) records of one Abusir funerary cult, that of king Neferirkare Kakai.  This discovery was supplemented in the late twentieth century when excavations by a Czech expedition to the site revealed papyri from two other cult complexes, that of the pharaoh Neferefre (also read Raneferef) and for the king's mother Khentkaus II.

The three major pyramids are:

  1. the Pyramid of Neferirkare Kakai, the tallest pyramid at the site
  2. the Pyramid of Nyuserre, the most intact pyramid at the site
  3. the Pyramid of Sahure known for its finely carved reliefs
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