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Chartres was Carnut's ancient capital at the time of the Gauls.  It was one of the high places of the Druid cult.  At the end of the 13th century, it belonged to Charles de Valois. François 1st declared it a Duchy in 1528.  Louis XIV granted the Duchy to the house of Orléans, whose descendants bore the title of "duc de Chartres", until the time of Louis-Philippe.  Chartres has one of the most beautiful cathedrals in European in addition to many churches.  Saint Aignan, from the early 16th century leaning against the ramparts of the upper town and the Saint Pierre abbey church from the 13th century have beautiful stained glass windows.  The deconsecrated Saint Andrée collegiate church serves as a concert and exhibition hall.  Numerous paths lead from the cathedral down towards the Eure river valley with its old mills, tanneries and bridges.  Walking along the Eure provided some of the most beautiful reflection pictures that I have ever taken.  It was spring and the flowers were just coming into bloom.  As for the cathedral, it is the 6th church to stand at that location.  Started 1194 when the previous church on the spot burned, it was completed in 1220.  The new cathedral incorporated the surviving Gothic facade and the south tower, preserving the Royal Portal from 1140-50 and the three stained-glass windows from 1155.  The remainder of the cathedral was directly inspired by Abbé Suger's Abbey of Saint-Denis in Paris.

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