Monastery of the Epiphany (crs)

Monastery of the Epiphany
Monastery of the Epiphany
Monastery of the Epiphany
Monastery of the Epiphany
Monastery of the Epiphany
Monastery of the Epiphany


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The Epiphany Monastery was founded by Daniel, the first prince of Moscow, around 1296.  The first stone church at the monastery was founded in 1342.  In 1382, the monastery was sacked by Tokhtamysh's horde.  The monastery survived numerous fires, the most important being recorded in 1547, 1551, 1687 and 1737.  The Epiphany Monastery has always been under the patronage of grand princes and tsars.  Vasili III, Ivan the Terrible, Boris Godunov, the Romodanovsky boyars, Xenia Repnina, and others donated some of their sizeable estates to the monastery.  In 1680-1687, the Epiphany Monastery was home to a school of the Likhud brothers, which would later be transferred to the Zaikonospassky monastery and transformed into the famous Slavic Greek Latin Academy.  The Epiphany cathedral was consecrated in 1696.  In 1739, a bell tower was erected.  In 1764, monastic real estate was confiscated afterward monastery's staff rarely included more than 17 monks.  In the late 18th century, the buildings enclosing the monastery were rented out to the haberdashers.  In 1905-1909, they built a building with "office space" for rent.  By 1907, monastery had 14 monks and 18 novitiates.  It received an allowance of 1245 rubles from the state treasury.  After the October Revolution, the Epiphany monastery was closed down.  In 1929, they stopped holding services in the cathedral.  The monastic facilities were first transformed into a campus for students of the Mining Academy and workers, engaged in the subway construction, and later - into metal works.  In 1950s, they built an office building on the site of the monastery.  The Cathedral, bell tower, monk cells and abbot's chamber are the only buildings to survive.  In May, 1991, the Epiphany monastery was restored and officially returned to the Russian Orthodox Church.

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