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Kazan Cathedral
Kazan Cathedral
Kazan Cathedral
Kazan Cathedral
Kazan Cathedral
Kazan Cathedral


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From the Moscow River 
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Kazan Cathedral is a Russian Orthodox church located on the northeast corner of Red Square in Moscow.  The current building is a reconstruction of the original church which was destroyed at the direction of then General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin in 1936.  The original church was erected as a shrine in the early 1630s to mark the city's liberation from the Polish aggressors by the Russian people's volunteer army at the close of the Time of Troubles.  Upon clearing Moscow from the Poles in 1612, Prince Dmitry Pozharsky attributed his success to the divine help of the icon Theotokos of Kazan.  He financed construction of a wooden church to the Virgin of Kazan on Red Square in Moscow.  After the shrine was destroyed by fire in 1632, the Tsar ordered it replaced by a brick church.  The one-domed edifice was consecrated in October 1636.  The Russian restorer Peter Baranovsky supervised a complete reconstruction of the church's exterior to its original design in 1929–1932.  In 1936, when Red Square was being prepared for holding the military parades of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin ordered the square cleared of churches.  Kazan Cathedral was demolished.  After the fall of the Soviet Union, the Kazan Cathedral was the first church to be completely rebuilt.  The cathedral's restoration (1990–1993) was based on the detailed measurements and photographs of the original church Baranovsky made before its destruction.

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