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As you can tell from the site, I am particularly interested in old places.  Satellite and map views of old sites generally do not provide information about the remaining structures.  In some cases, successive construction has eliminated previous structures and satellite imagery does not provide the information wanted.  For some old sites, I have drawn maps combining this information including item identification.  Where possible, I have included pictures of the site structure provided for tourists by the local authorities.  In a few cases a map provides location information about walks, relative positions of sites at a glance, and general layouts.  All of the drawings that I have done are composites of existing drawings, satellite images, guide books and tourist brochures.  As far as possible the items are in scale and positions are relatively accurate.  Drawings that I have gotten from the Internet have a source url on the bottom center.  At the very least these illustrations provide a ready reference for identifying things of interest.  As time permits I will define hotspots on selected items which will link directly to a photograph.

The list below provides a direct reference to all of the maps on the site, a link to seeing the full map and an optional link to an associated image or set of associated images


[C] France, Collonges La Rouge, imageMap  Image
Canada, British Columbia, Butchart Gardens, ImageMap  Image France, Domme, imageMap  Image
Canada, Nova Scotia, Peggys Cove, imageMap  Image France, Rocamadour, Ecclesiastical, imageMap  Image
[D] [G]
Dominica, mapMap  Image Greece, Athens, Agora, imageMap  Image
  Greece, Mycenae, imageMap  Image
[E] Greece, Olympia, imageMap  Image
Egypt, Abu Simbel, locationMap  Image  
Egypt, Abusir, locationMap  Image [I]
Egypt, Alexandria, locationMap  Image India, Agra, Agra Fort, imageMap  Image
Egypt, Alexandria, Qaibay Citadel, ImageMap  Image Israel, Jerusalem, mapMap  Image
Egypt, Aswan, locationMap  Image Italt, Rome, Villa Borghese, imageMap  Image
Egypt, Aswan, mapMap  Image Italy, Ercolano(Herculaneum), imageMap  Image
Egypt, Awsan, Island of Philae, drawingMap  Image Italy, Ostia Antica, imageMap  Image
Egypt, Cairo, locationMap  Image Italy, Pisa, La Piazza del Duomo(Cathedral Piazza), imageMap  Image
Egypt, Cairo, Citadel, Muhammad Ali Mosque, ImageMap  Image Italy, Rome, Imperial Furums, drawingMap  Image
Egypt, Dashur, locationMap  Image Italy, Rome, Roman Forum, drawingMap  Image
Egypt, Dendera, locationMap  Image Italy, Rome, Salt Road, mapMap  Image
Egypt, Dendrea, drawingMap  Image Italy, Rome, Terme di Caracalla(Baths of Caracalla), imageMap  Image
Egypt, Edfu, drawingMap  Image Italy, Rome, Terme di Diocleziano(Baths of Diocletian), imageMap  Image
Egypt, Edfu, locationMap  Image Italy, Venice, St. Marks Square, drawingMap  Image
Egypt, Esna, locationMap  Image  
Egypt, Giza, drawingMap  Image [J]
Egypt, Giza, locationMap  Image Jordan, Al Karak Castle, drawingMap  Image
Egypt, Kom Ombo, drawingMap  Image Jordan, Bethany by the Jordan, imageMap  Image
Egypt, Kom Ombo, locationMap  Image Jordan, Jerash, drawingMap  Image
Egypt, Luxor, locationMap  Image Jordan, Petra, mapMap  Image
Egypt, Luxor, Temple of Hatshepsut, mapMap  Image  
Egypt, Luxor, Temple of Karnak, MapMap  Image [R]
Egypt, Luxor, Temple of Luxor, mapMap  Image Russia, Moscow, Kolomenskoe Park, imageMap  Image
Egypt, Luxor, Valley of the Kings, ImageMap  Image Russia, Moscow, Kremlin, drawingMap  Image
Egypt, Memphis, locationMap  Image Russia, Moscow, Novodevichy Convent, imageMap  Image
Egypt, Saqqara, locationMap  Image Russia, Trinity Lavra of St Sergius, drawingMap  Image
Egypt, Saqqara, Step Pyramid of Djoser, mapMap  Image  
Egypt, Sonesta Moon Goddess Route, ImageMap  Image [T]
England, Cantebury Cathedral, imageMap  Image Turkey, Aphrodisias, drawingMap  Image
England, Cantebury Cathedral, Inside, imageMap  Image Turkey, Ephesus, drawingMap  Image
  Turkey, Hierapolis, drawingMap  Image
[F] Turkey, Istanbul, Hagia Sophia, drawingMap  Image
France, Carcassonne, imageMap  Image Turkey, Pergamon, drawingMap  Image
France, Chateau de Castelnaud, imageMap  Image Turkey, Pergamon, Acropolis, drawingMap  Image
France, Chateau de Chambord, imageMap  Image Turkey, Perge, drawingMap  Image


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