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This is a very simple page and should be relatively intuitive.  At the top of the page, above the list of letters is a category.  All of the items on the page belong to that category.  Each item in the category provides a link to further information about the item, either an image or a group of images.  The double column list of entries is hierarchical and arranged alphabetically within each hierarchical level, i.e. cities within countries.  The level of indentation illustrates the nature of the hierarchy and provides an indication of relationship.  The superscripted number following an item, if there is one, is the number of pages associated with that item.  If that number is zero or if it does not exist, it indicates that there is only one image representing the item and that there will be more later; the entry is a placeholder.  The number also gives you the idea of the extent of the available information.  Totals are provided for all of the items and for each major hierarchy level.

Below the category is a list of letters in blue.  Clicking on any letter will take you to the first item in the top level of the hierarchy beginning with that letter, i.e. clicking on [C] will take you to Canada.  Only letters represented in the top level of the hierarchy are listed.  Clicking on any of the letters scattered throughout the page will take you back to the top.  All items belonging to a given letter are in the same column.

If you are a guest there is a list of categories represented by a list of buttons directly below the page title.  Clicking on one of these buttons will take you to the Table of Contents page for that category.

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