Tombs and Memorials ...

This collection provides a list of tombs and memorials / monuments available on the site.  As defined here they represent buildings associated with a given individual, not a group.



Bent Pyramid, EgyptBent Pyramid, EgyptCastel Sant'Angelo / Mausoleum of Hadrian, RomeCastel Sant'Angelo / Mausoleum of Hadrian, RomeGreen Tomb, BursaGreen Tomb, Bursa
Humayun's Tomb, DelhiHumayun's Tomb, DelhiMastaba of Ka-Gmni, EgyptMastaba of Ka-Gmni, EgyptMastaba of Mereruka, EgyptMastaba of Mereruka, Egypt
Mausoleum of Augustus, RomeMausoleum of Augustus, RomePanthéon, ParisPanthéon, ParisPyramid of Khafre, EgyptPyramid of Khafre, Egypt
Pyramid of Khufu, EgyptPyramid of Khufu, EgyptPyramid of Menkaure, EgyptPyramid of Menkaure, EgyptPyramid of Teti, EgyptPyramid of Teti, Egypt
Pyramid of Unas, EgyptPyramid of Unas, EgyptRed Pyramid, EgyptRed Pyramid, EgyptSafdarjang's Tomb, DelhiSafdarjang's Tomb, Delhi
Taj Mahal, AgraTaj Mahal, AgraTomb of Galla Placidia, RavennaTomb of Galla Placidia, RavennaValley of the Kings, EgyptValley of the Kings, Egypt


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