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I realize that the size of the site provides an impediment to viewing.  In order to help to rectify this problem I have introduced "Collections".  Collections group member images with the characteristic of the name of the collection unlike the main access which is organized by geographical location.  For example there is a collection of panoramas which provide ready access to panoramas throughout the site and there is another collection of pictures of traveling companions.  The number of collections vary and the number of images referenced in a collection may vary from day to day as I work through the site.  The available set of collections is listed below.  Associated with each collection is a button which will provide a reference to each image in the collection.  A single image may be referenced in more than one collection, for instance the Hagia Sophia was a church, a mosque and is now a museum.  Additionally, some sites referenced in a collection may not have a sufficient number of images to warrent a section of its own.  In those cases where a single image is the response, I suggest the you look at the entire group (parent) for additional images.


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